Around Here

April 16, 2022

Around here, I’ve had a lot of transition, moving from one temporary home to another. But now I’m nestled deep in the foothills and away from the city, which is so peaceful and healing. I’m so grateful for this space to sort out exciting next steps.

Around here, I’ve been enjoying seeing visitors and family abound. My mom moved home from Hawaii, my stepbrother passed through town, and my older sister also popped in for a day. It’s been a whirlwind, to be sure.

Around here, I’m ready to settle into some routines. Being without my own space, living in guest rooms, and transitioning while seeing so many people has been a lot. It’s been wonderful, but it’s been a lot! I’m finally implementing some routines for my health, nutrition, work, and life, and have already started anchoring back in.

Around here, I had a blast co-working and adventuring with my bestie who came to town for a week. She supported me through some big personal and business decisions, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. What a gift to have that time.

Around here, I’m finding so many beautiful new trails for running and biking. I’m really looking forward to getting back on my mountain bike and improving my skills, and there’s a whole trail system just down the road from where I’m staying.

Around here, I’m leaning into so many new ways of being at rapid pace. I can be slow to move through certain feelings and states compared to most, but once I process and clarify what’s needed, I move at a more rapid pace than anyone I know.

Around here, I’m getting ready to return to working with my old therapist (as well as working with new coaches), something my intuition nudged me towards as I landed in New Mexico last month. I spent so much of the prior 10 months healing, clearing, growing, and uncovering the places and spaces that are still holding me back from what I really want. Between that work and some other experiences that cracked me wide open, I’m ready to move very intentionally through these last bits of healing. Coaching is usually my go-to, but this particular therapist has held me through so much of my relationship trauma over the years.

Around here, I’ve learned just how little I need to be happy. Truly. The cats, my computer and tech gear, and my rig to go camping. Add in family and friends, and I’m one deeply content girl. The simple life is the life for me.

Around here, spring is in full gear and I’m oh so ready to start going on some outdoor adventures. I’m lucky to be in a place with access to lots of new trails and back roads, and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that.

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