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September 18, 2021

Around here, I’m holding more moments close to my heart. That’s been one gift of changing my relationship to social media. I’m not sharing as much of my life, and what I do share isn’t in real-time. I’m having so many beautiful moments and experiences that are all mine with wonderful humans. I love building a lifestyle brand, and I love living in a bubble that’s all mine. I’m still finding the balance.

Around here, I’m already packing and purging in preparation for my move to New Mexico this spring. But it’s also about clearing space for new people, opportunities, and experiences to come through. This is such an essential part of becoming more magnetic, and I’ve been craving a simpler, lighter life for the last year.

Around here, I’m enjoying the last days of summer while feeling grateful and excited for the cooling temps. Spending time under the trees, lakeside with favorite friends, and watching the colors change has been medicine for my soul.

Around here, I’m taking big girl business steps to lay an even more solid foundation for what’s coming, doing things that have needed to be done for far too long! Things like moving hosting companies for all our websites, auditing our expenses, changing software providers where it makes sense, and streamlining everything we can. I’m blessed to have the help and support of a very tech savvy friend for this, and it’s feeling really refreshing to declutter my business at this level.

Around here, I’m grateful for growth and healing, as always. I’m thankful for the ability to finally see things for what they are and prioritize myself and my worth. I’m grateful for the expanders in my life, the people who have shown up and supported me like nothing before, asking for nothing in return, and for the deep love I feel from the sweet souls around me. I’ve been craving a sense of family, partnership, and support for a while now, and I’m finally calling it in. It’s a beautiful thing.

Around here, I’m moving my body outside on walks, trail runs, and hikes. There’s been so much shifting and integrating inside of me that I’m often moving twice a day. Weights and cardio at the gym in the mornings and sweating under the evening sun while I process everything that’s changing in myself, my life, and my relationships right now. This is truly a magical season in many ways.

Around here, I joined a new mastermind group with some really phenomenal humans doing awesome things in their corners of the world. I’m the only woman, haha. But there’s something powerful for me about being in the presence of conscious, driven men that bring new perspectives all around. It also creates more expansion for me in regards to what I want in my future romantic partner and what it feels like to stay rooted in my feminine, even in business.

Around here, I celebrated 14 years with the great love of my life: Mr. Mad Max (named after the original movies because he’s a cult classic). I thought it was 15, but what do I know about time and age?! He’s my familiar, my constant, my best little buddy. I got him when I was 22 years old, about a year after my ex stole my previous cat during our breakup. I’m so grateful for this little creature; he seriously takes the best care of me. Pandemic times have been scary for us because the supply chain/staffing shortages led to his special food (that legitimately keeps him alive) being back ordered indefinitely. But we figured it out for now. He’s an old guy, but still the same spunky, chunky, lovable little asshole he’s always been.

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