WordPress Website Design for a Music Coach

September 17, 2021

I absolutely love my new website! I am so grateful to you for your patience with me over the last couple years, and for creating something I’m so delighted with in the end. Thank you so much!

About the project:

This was a rebranding and website update for Jennifer Roig-Francolí.

While the original site was full of incredible content and resources for musicians of all kinds (located all around the world), it didn’t reflect the high level of quality and service that Jennifer provides. She was due for an updated website design!

Here’s a look at her site before our work together:

But more than just an updated look, Jennifer needed branding that truly communicated the creative, artistic, and expressive elements that are both a part of her work and a part of the results her clients see in their craft.

We created a neutral, clean, and highly professional feel, but also captured the vibrancy and aliveness of expressing yourself musically and artistically. We achieved this by balancing clean lines, white space, and high-contrast imagery with splashes of color, movement, layers, sheet music, script, and artistic textures.

Jennifer signed up for our popular Influencer package, which included additional copywriting for her sales pages and her email opt-in nurture sequence as well!

About the client:

Jennifer Roig-Francolí is creator of The Art of Freedom® Method, helping musicians enjoy a healthy, balanced life and an abundantly successful career while making a real difference in the world.

Many musicians experience pain, their performance doesn’t live up to their own high standards, or their inner critic starts having a field day! Using Jennifer’s unique holistic approach, musicians can heal, regain focus, get control over their time, and rekindle their passion so they can improve their artistic performance and enjoy a life that’s beautifully aligned with their true purpose.

Jennifer offers private coaching and group programs for musicians who want to play better and feel better in mind, body, and spirit. Plus… performances, workshops, and healing events for an inspired, world-class experience!

Q&A with Jennifer Roig-Francolí

What does living your purpose mean to you?

Living my purpose means realizing my innate freedom to be, love, and share my True Self with others, while helping others to do the same.

How will your new website help you further fulfill your purpose?

My work is mainly intended for musicians. My website helps me reach musicians in all corners of the world, and it gives them the opportunity to learn about what’s possible for them when they work with me, focusing on integrating the mind, body, and creative Spirit for healing and full expression through music.

What was your experience working with Stephenie and the team?

I put a multi-month pause on working on my website at the beginning of the pandemic, when I had serious doubts about the direction I wanted to take my business. I am immensely grateful to Stephenie and her team for allowing me to take the time I needed to gain the clarity I needed while I revised big sections of the website as conditions in the world were changing. Stephenie was incredibly patient, understanding, and flexible at every stage of the process, and the work she and her team did was always on time and exactly how it needed to be done.

I couldn’t be happier with the result!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone trying to live their purpose?

Listen to the Inner Wisdom within you, and give yourself the time to experiment with what your intuition is telling you. Remember that you always have the freedom to change your mind, change direction, and course correct if you realize that’s necessary. And when the going gets tough, keep reminding yourself of your Purpose, dare to let go, and let your way unfold one day at a time. You have time, and you’re probably using too much effort. What if it were easy?

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