Why You Can’t Seem to Make Anything Happen

April 4, 2022

When it comes to making the impossible happen, you can’t create from ego.

Well, technically you can, but not at the level you desire.

I’ve created pretty impressive results from ego, but they ultimately left me unfulfilled, burned out, or feeling like a shell of myself.

They were created from a place of trying to prove myself or my abilities, earn love or acceptance, or counter a deep sense of low self-worth. They were created from a facade, trying to be someone or something I wasn’t, or trying to show someone that I was in a heart-space that I couldn’t actually feel.

So, really, I didn’t create what I wanted at all.

Maybe I made money, but it burned me out.
Maybe I had the relationship, but it left me depressed.
Maybe I got in great shape, but I was anxious and reverted.
Maybe I had a friend group, but I felt unseen and alone.
Maybe I had the team, but I was doing work I didn’t love.
Maybe I took the trips, but I was anxious and broke.

What I really wanted was alignment and fulfillment, freedom and abundance. I wanted deep, soul-level love and support that made me feel like the fullest version of myself. I wanted a thriving business doing the work that lit me up, and I wanted time and space to do what I love.

When we try to create from ego, we fail. Either nothing happens at all, or what comes to us is incomplete and has a significant cost in tow.

There have been many times I’ve tried to work my own process for making the impossible happen, only to be reminded of the unbendable rules:

1. Create from genuine desire, not from ego.

2. Be fully, completely, wholeheartedly decided about what you want.

3. Shift into the way of being of the you who has it—now.

4. Move towards it relentlessly, in total faith and expectation.

These are the unbendable rules, and there’s no shortcut, no avoiding, no sneaking your way around the backside and bypassing this work.

But the place we most often go astray is right at the start:

Claiming a desire that’s wholly rooted in ego, not in our heart and soul.

If you claim a desire rooted in ego, you’ve skewed everything that follows.

You immediately begin abandoning yourself, your purpose, and the life you’re here to live. You’re contorting and shrinking and compromising yourself at every turn, all for something that won’t feel aligned, if it arrives in your sphere at all.

Even with decision, you’ll be in a wobble.

On some level, consciously or not, your heart and ego will be at war.

I create what I want with ease when I truly want it.

Not when I want it because I think I should.
Not when I want it to prove myself to someone else.
Not when I want it because I think it will soothe my low self-worth.
Not when I want it from a place of fear and self-doubt.
Not when I want it because it’s what others want.

This message came through as a reminder for me as much as you because it’s easy to forget. It’s easy to get caught in the wobble and start desiring from our ego. If you’re feeling traumatized and broken, grief-stricken or lost, it’s easy to desire from ego. If your self-worth has withered to nothing and you’re fearful about the future, it’s easy to desire from ego. If you’re jealous or envious of the things other people seem to have and you’re not anchored in your truth, it’s easy to desire from ego.

Come back to your heart.

Reconnect to the truth of who you are.

Raise your worth and heal your wounding and traumas.

And then dig into this process.

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