Wobbles Are Inevitable In Healing and Growth

June 29, 2021

Wobbles are inevitable.

We can feel certain and steady in our decisions, only to find ourselves hooked by old ways of being out of nowhere.

Instinctual responses, old feelings flooding back, or hope that things can stay the same because it’s more comfortable than change.

It takes intention to break free from old patterns and unhealthy relationships or environments. A constant recommitment to what we say we want, regardless of how wildly disorienting and uncomfortable we feel.

Wobbles happen, and they don’t have to mean anything more than we wobbled.

Watching for the stories and interpretations is critical; otherwise, we get sucked back in and can’t find our way out.

We’re all far stronger than we realize, and it’s always possible to let go of what’s no longer serving us if we decide that’s what’s happening. If we keep taking the actions, setting new boundaries, and shifting our mindset and beliefs to align with who we need to become.

Goodness is it hard.

But we just have to keep recommitting.

Stay the course.


(Yes, that’s a smoothie in my boss lady mug!)

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