Radical Honesty Has Become My Most Valued Practice

June 28, 2021

“I want to talk to you about boundaries because you’re the queen of setting them.”

“I’ve become the queen,” I clarified with a laugh, “out of sheer survival and necessity.”

Radical honesty has become my most valued practice ever since I experienced terrifying and intense health issues from swallowing too much of my truth. I value it from others just as highly as I value telling it, but I wasn’t always this way. In fact, much of what I do and say these days would have horrified younger me.

I’m brutally honest, call people out on behaviors that don’t sit well, and am becoming more and more unapologetic about my wants and needs. I turn people away or end relationships when they do certain things I refuse to tolerate anymore. I don’t engage with people that can’t interact cleanly and clearly because it’s just not worth the energy. I feel no need to explain or justify what I’m doing (though I do often have honest and loving conversations)

While this has led to many endings, it’s given me so much more than I’ve lost. I feel more at ease in myself and my life, I’m surrounded by incredible humans that can really hold space for me, and I’m having a far greater impact in my work.

I’m happy, light, and free, and my health continues to follow suit.

Radical honesty and firm boundaries have been the antidote to much of what ailed me over decades of my life.

Physically, emotionally, and within my personal and professional relationships.

It’s not easy work, no, but it’s a skill that’s worth developing.

And there are three critical pieces of this work: reorienting, renegotiating, and release.

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