Mountain Biking and Exploring in Grand Mesa

June 27, 2021

It was cool and breezy at high elevation this weekend.

I had never been up to Grand Mesa (except the one time I kinda drove up there but didn’t stay long or go too far).

According to Wikipedia, Grand Mesa is a large mesa in western Colorado and the largest flat-topped mountain in the world. It has an area of about 500 square miles and stretches for about 40 miles east of Grand Junction between the Colorado River and the Gunnison River, its tributary to the south.

I got braver on the bike and worked on my weird tan lines. I ate the spiciest sushi I’ve ever had and made friends I’ll probably never see again. And I discovered all the tiny lakes and fields of endless wildflowers.

Grateful for this little life of mine.

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Mountain Biking and Exploring in Grand Mesa