Never Abandon Yourself

September 19, 2017

One day I’ll tell you the story of what it felt like to finally make sense of the madness that is my trauma. The way the realizations and relief brought me to tears, because the struggle to find my footing finally had an end in sight. The months and years of fighting like hell to come home to myself wasn’t just insanity in action… but instead, proof again that trusting yourself above any and all else is *the most* important thing you can ever do.

Never abandon yourself for the sake of what others think is right and true. Never give up on finding the answers, even when the journey is long and frustrating and leaves you more confused than when you started. Never settle for a life or a way of being that’s less than you desire, regardless of how “normal” it seems for everyone else.

Have your own back.
Be your own advocate.
And never give up on yourself.


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