Quickly Shifting the Odds in Our Favor

April 5, 2022

Don’t focus solely on the object of your desire. Instead, work on embodying the version of yourself who not only attracts it in the first place but can hold onto it with ease.

I’m talking wholehearted embodiment.

Believing it’s possible.
Moving like it’s happening.
Knowing that you’re worthy of it.
Vibrating at the same frequency.
Trusting in yourself and the universe.

Our way of being in the world is one critical piece of making seemingly impossible things happen rapidly—and it’s possible one of the most challenging parts of the process.

Because it’s not just fake it ’til you make it.
It’s not wishful thinking, good vibes only, or polished positivity.
And it’s definitely not working harder and doing more of the same.

When we alter our way of being, the world reconfigures around us, shifting the odds in our favor and immediately changing what’s possible.

But we can’t always change our way of being on a whim.

In fact, most things that feel impossible to us feel that way because of a lifetime of conditioning, subconscious programming, and trauma.

If you’ve claimed your big desires…
And you’ve started moving toward them wholeheartedly…
And you believe you’re embodying who you need to be to have it…
But it’s still not happening…

There’s deeper work to dive into.

It’s easy to dismiss it as impossible, blame circumstances, or revert to our favorite stories about why we can’t have things.

It’s hard to do the deeper work necessary.

You might be thinking, “but I’ve triiiiiiied, Stephenie!!”

And I believe you.

But trying isn’t enough.

The things that we believe are impossible—the things that seem to continue moving away from us no matter how hard we work to move toward them—they feel that way because of our unconscious winning strategies. This strategy is developed at such a young age that it colors our lens and shapes our worldview to the point that we don’t even know it’s running the show in every area of our lives.

This winning strategy is difficult to identify on your own—by design.

It’s a product of your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind will do EVERYTHING to keep you in the known and familiar. Any change is considered a direct threat to staying alive… and it will find ways, sneaky and imperceptible ways of keeping you away from what you want.

Trying to uncover the strategy will kick your subconscious mind into gear, and the next thing you know, you’re confused, overwhelmed, distracted, or too busy with something else to figure this piece out.

And so you stay where you are.

Regardless of how much you’re doing to try and change it.

Whew, the struggle of breaking free is REAL.

But this is the work I love to do with my clients.

This is the work that helps them break free of self-sabotage.

This is the work that allows them to make the impossible happen rapidly.

I’ve witnessed it for myself and my clients, time and time again.

It’s your turn to break free.

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