It Has to Be More Than Intellectual

September 8, 2021

Most people take an intellectual approach.

Whether it’s healing and growth or trying to make the impossible happen, they lead with their minds.

They buy the books, listen to the podcasts, and get an understanding of what’s holding them back or happening on a deeper level. They have interesting conversations and form an intellectual explanation for their experience.

And that’s awesome; it’s just half the work.

Honestly, I would argue that it’s the less important half at that.

Since this spring, I’ve rapidly shifted some of the deepest pieces of my core wounding, winning strategy, and subconscious patterns and programming that have kept me stuck at a particular level for far too many years.

While I’ve been working on healing and growth work since my very early 20’s, I’ve never experienced such accelerated transformation and up-leveling before in my life. And even though I’ve always gone deep into the feelings piece of this work, it still leaned far more intellectual more often than not (as it does for most).

The difference is that this summer, at the height of the grief and emotional turmoil, I was thrust into an intense level of processing work. I averaged about two big processes a week during July and spent much of August diving even deeper.

And now? Now I’m doing near daily process work.

Add to that meditation, acupressure, and journaling, and it’s been a ride!

This work has to be more than intellectual.

And while I’m a big advocate for therapy with the right provider, even that isn’t always enough if you’re not dropping into the stored traumas and emotions and processing them out of your mind, body, and nervous system.

Some personality types are more logical, naturally leading with the mind.

But if that’s you, you’re still a human being in a very human body.

Trauma and emotions that aren’t processed don’t just disappear; they get stored in our cells, tissues, and bones. They metastasize over time and make us sick, achy, depressed, and anxious. They remain in our system and cause us to be more easily triggered and spun out. They continue running the show on a subconscious level.

This means you’re walking around thinking you’re making conscious choices, but these deeper subconscious pieces wholly influence those conscious decisions. You’re never really free or in control.

There isn’t one right path for healing, that I know for sure.

And, you have to go beyond the intellectual work if you really want to create true transformation, find your way to freedom, and make impossible things happen.

There’s no way around it.

That’s why I bring both the inner and outer pieces to my coaching work. The intellectual understanding and strategic plans right alongside the deeper processing work to truly set you free from old patterns and self-sabotage.

If you’re not happy with your life, relationships, health, business, or finances, things can change rapidly if you’re willing to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

Let me guide you!

I’m taking on two new private clients, and you can learn more here.

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