I’m No Longer Willing To Work So Hard Anymore

May 4, 2021

I’m no longer willing to work so hard anymore at certain things.

And while that’s been a big focus for me in how I approach growing my life and business—which doesn’t mean not working at all, but rather less pushing, forcing, and hustling so hard—I’m beginning to see threads of it everywhere else.

I’ve spent my life having to work and fight for love and support. To be heard, feel seen, or have the space to rest and be. And when I haven’t had to toil as heavily for it upfront, it’s often come at a cost. It’s been held over my head (for years at times), come with unreasonable and abusive expectations, or taken far more energy than it’s worth.

But what if things don’t have to be so hard?
What if they don’t have to come at a cost?

Lately, I’ve been tired in a way that’s deep and healing. In a way that says, “I’m ready to create more space for ease by no longer pushing and fighting so hard for things.”

It comes with a sense of knowing that it’s always possible to create more and better when we’ve done our deeper work, figured out how to claim and request what we desire, and have a more profound sense of trust and faith in what’s possible. A knowing that while life is hard and struggle can be ripe with opportunity for growth, maybe that doesn’t always have to be the case. Maybe things can be easy and joyful and loving and supportive more often than not.

I’m no longer willing to work so hard anymore.

And I’m no longer willing to hold onto the old stories and beliefs that say I have to. Nor am I willing to continue in the ways of being that perpetuate so much fight and struggle in my life, work, and relationships.

I’m trusting and leaning in.
I’m choosing new ways of being every day.
I’m adopting new beliefs and thoughts.
I’m figuring out how to make it my reality.

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