Self-Sabotage is Rarely Overt

April 15, 2021

Isn’t it interesting how we have all the valid reasons why we can’t keep up with our commitments right about when the work starts to get challenging and uncomfortable?

How we’re simply too busy, too obligated to other people and things, and too swept up in the hustle and bustle of our day?

It’s all justifiable, reasonable, and completely understandable.

And yet, it’s also 100% predictable.

Of course, we’re too busy for the important things we say we want. Of course, situations are coming up that we absolutely must tend to first. Of course, our time is lost to everything else that isn’t our commitment.

That’s just how the subconscious works.

No matter how much we consciously want something—even when the situation we want to move away from is unbearable or painful—our subconscious can’t allow change. It needs us to stay in the known and familiar, so it knows we can stay safe.

That’s its only job, and it’s oh so good at it.

So, yes. I’m sure you’re very busy. I’m sure it makes perfect sense why you stopped doing or couldn’t get to the things you said you wanted or were committed to doing. I’m sure there are external factors at play.

And, see it for what it is: your subconscious latching onto anything and everything it can to derail you.

We rarely self-sabotage overtly. Instead, it’s usually subtle. It’s reasonable things that make perfect sense in our head as to why we have to stop, and we each have our own favorites that always work.

Being too busy, too tired, too obligated.
Getting sick, being overcommitted, things breaking.
Confusion, not understanding, forgetfulness.
The kids, our job, our partner, our friends.
Specific other things we always have to do first.

Creating what you want requires seeing the subconscious for what it’s doing, making a conscious choice to recommit to what matters most, and learning that you can survive the change.

It’s not easy, but it’s always possible.

Start by simply noticing it for what it is.
Zero judgment! It’s just information.

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