Faith and Fear Are the Same Thing

November 9, 2020

I’ve learned so much about what it means to have trust and faith in myself leading up to this birthday. Trust in my abilities and my visions. I’ve been taking an honest inventory of my “successes” and “failures” over the last 15 years of working for myself and hustling to build a purpose-driven life and business.

It’s easy to have doubts.⁣
It’s easy to focus on the failures.⁣
It’s easy to hold ourselves back out of fear.

I’ve failed spectacularly at times. Truly. I’ve made huge mistakes and missteps on my way to where I am now. Grief and trauma took me out at the knees and flattened every aspect of my life, work, and sense of self for three long years. I’ve built, dismantled, and rebuilt myself and my business more times than I can count.

And yet, it’s easy to have doubts.⁣
It’s easy to focus on the falls and failures.⁣
It’s easy to hold myself back out of fear.

“Fear and faith both demand you believe in something you cannot see.”

Last week I heard this quote from Bob Proctor, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Faith and fear are the same thing… belief in something we haven’t seen or experienced. And yet, we give fear all the power. We let it carry the most weight.

No more.

I’m putting all my energy into faith. I’m focusing on the successes and the wisdom I’ve gained from my failures. I’m leaping wholeheartedly into the unknown with total conviction. I’m trusting myself and my ability to rebuild from nothing, as many times as it takes. My ability to move my desires from an impossibility to reality quickly. Because I’ve done that more than I’ve failed, and I’ve done it in crazy amazing ways over the years.

Here’s to 36! ????

A year of wholehearted faith.⁣
A year of only doubting my limits.⁣
A year of making impossible things happen.


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