You Deserve to Be Loved, Supported, and Cherished

March 4, 2020

People are social creatures.

We like to be in groups. We want to be liked.
We LOVE nothing more than being accepted by others.   

But in order to adapt to those around us and make sure that we “fit in,” we sometimes shrink and lessen and contract ourselves… until we no longer know who we really are.

Everyone’s done that at some point (think of it as a coping mechanism!)

Today I want you to know this:

You can be who you genuinely are and still be loved.
You can do what your heart aches to do and still be loved.
You can live a life true to your own values and still be loved.

You deserve to be loved, supported, and cherished.  

I promise you, your people – your community! – are out there waiting for you. People who are willing to support you all the way. You just have to be brave enough and go out there to find them. Brave enough to share your heart and soul fully.

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