3 Reasons Why Failure Is No Big Deal (Really!)

March 4, 2020

When you hear the word failure, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re like most people, then you probably think of a lot of disappointment, regrets, heartache… and wasted time and money. 

However, there’s nothing wrong with failure.

I mean, it’s not the greatest thing you’ll ever go through but actually, failing at something new may even help you succeed faster!

The problem doesn’t lie in the act of failure itself but in the way we think about it.  

Let’s explore why failure is not that big of a deal and find out what you can do to minimize your chances of failing!

Reason #1: Failure helps you grow.

As cliché as it sounds, I really mean it: nothing helps you grow faster than failing at something.  

The thing is, if you fail, you’re probably doing something for the very first time. And doing something for the first time means you’re putting yourself out there. Or, you’re working out the kinks on something new, which means you’re growing.

You’re being brave and taking charge of your life, and believe me, that never goes unnoticed.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that failure is never final.

As long as you learn from your mistakes and apply what you’ve learned, you’ll get wherever you’re set out to in no time!

Reason #2: Failure is never as bad as you imagine it to be.

The thing about fear is that overthinking about what scares you is often worse than experiencing it firsthand.

When we think about something bad happening, our brain plays the most apocalyptic scenario… but let’s face it, how often do these scenarios come true? (hint – 99% of the time they don’t.)

And even if they do, it’s never as bad as we may have previously thought.

At one point, I had to declare bankruptcy.

In less than a year, I went from an enthusiastic and highly successful entrepreneur to a person who couldn’t remember how to do her job due to PTSD… you can read the “tell all” here.  

Hard to think of a bigger failure in business than that, right? And to the younger Stephenie, that was literally one of the worst things that could have happened to her!  


Was bankruptcy the best experience ever?  

Probably not.

However, did the world stop turning?

Not really.

Did I survive and recover?

Absolutely! The year I filed bankruptcy was also the year I made the MOST money in my business to date. Failure doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Mine certainly wasn’t!

Reason #3: You can always reverse your decisions.

We’re led to believe that once we make a major decision, we have to stick to it for the rest of our life.

Over the years, I’ve realized that’s exactly the type of thinking that keeps people stuck. Everyone’s scared of making the wrong decision, so not doing anything is much easier. “Safer,” if you’d prefer.

While it’s true that some decisions are life-changing, it’s pretty easy to undo most of the decisions we (struggle to) make. It’s not always easy or pleasant… or cheap… but it’s doable.

Moved to a city you hate? Married the wrong person? Regret accepting the new job?

There’s a way to undo all of that or make another change. There’s a way to get yourself unstuck – and make choices that will take you one step closer to a life you’ll love!

The ONE thing that can help you the most.

If I’m grateful for something, then that’s the support system I had. All the amazing people – mentors, coaches, friends – that I could rely on during some of the most difficult times in my life.

Looking for a support system yourself?

Click here to join my 12-week program and get all the support and strategies you need to build your own business and maximize your chances of success!

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