What Do You Want to Leave in 2022?

December 8, 2022

What do you want to leave in 2022?

I can’t think of much I want to leave in this year because it was such an incredibly expansive season for me.

But 2021?

Whew, there was a lot I chose to leave behind in that stagnant year!

I left behind fear and made space for deep trust.

Trust in myself, other people (especially men after years of trauma), and the Universe. I felt panic and terror for a lot of 2021 until I finally learned to settle into trust completely. I released my grip, surrendered to the unfolding, and allowed life to start supporting me. Nothing but synchronistic magic and alignment happened after that because my trust was clean, unblocked, and involved all parts of me.

I left behind self-sabotage and leveled up like whoa.

I learned to work with myself and my unique energetics, and everything began aligning rapidly. I paid off significant debt, bought a camper I adore, and downloaded an innovative and exciting vision for my work. I reclaimed my health, deepened into my true purpose, and raised my self-worth significantly. I’m happier than ever, and I’m madly in love with this life I’m now living.

I left behind smallness and stepped into massive expansion.

I released outdated ways of being and learned to move through life from an entirely new frequency, producing expansive experiences in all areas. My relationships have transformed, and I’m attracting the best souls into my sphere. I released doubt, and life began to flow with a seamlessness I’ve never known.

What I know to be true after years of doing healing and growth work is that we can, at any moment, choose to leave behind what’s holding us back from having what we desire.

When we decide to set it down.

When we have the right tools and get the necessary support.

2022 can be the last year that you struggle.

It can be the last year that experiences from your past haunt you. It can be a year you remember fondly as the “before.”

Before you healed and found true freedom.

Before you experienced peace and ease in all areas.

Before you made more money than you knew you could.

Before you lived your fullest expression.

Before your life was deeply aligned and fulfilling.

I look back at 2021 with a fondness I couldn’t have anticipated because that was the last year of so many things. It was the year I chose to heal in places I could never reach before. The year I decided that enough was truly enough and that I was willing to live my processes like my life depended on it because it did. My aligned, fulfilling, purposeful, and joyful life depended on my choosing to leave so much behind.

I’m offering a limited number of repatterning and process sessions at a special price to close out 2022 and help you leave behind anything you no longer want to carry forward.

Grief, trauma, self-sabotage, bad habits, deep-rooted fears, limiting beliefs, and phobias that are getting in your way.

Message me for details. 💜

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