The Universe Asked Me to Trust, and I Fought It Hard

June 1, 2022

The universe asked me to trust, and I fought it hard.

It asked me to surrender, and I gripped onto everything tighter.

It handed me test after test, and I kept running straight into the fire.

It gave me every sign and nudge, and I thought I knew better.

It showed me the way, and I refused to lean in.

And then—in one of the most challenging, stressful, and uncertain points in my journey last year—I finally listened. I finally chose trust and surrender at the most ridiculously risky time. It’s amusing, really. The circumstances said, “freak out,” and I said, “Nah, not this time… let’s see what happens.”

I released my grip.

I leaned into the uncertainty.

I settled into true, unwavering trust.

I decided to find out what was possible.

And things came through.

In every moment that followed, I decided to continue the experiment. I decided to choose trust and surrender and release any worry or fear. I decided to stop trying to “figure it out” and allow things to unfold. I decided to take every bit of divine wisdom shoved in my face and listen.

And things came through—again and again.

It was amusing how perfectly things worked out. It felt like the universe kept saying, “See?!” every time, laughing lovingly in my face as I finally began to do the very things it asked me to do. So many beautiful gifts have continued to come from this practice.

Trust and release, friends—but cleanly and without any subconscious blocks.

It requires so much more than “acting as if” you trust yourself and the universe when you really aren’t aligned with that frequency and way of being. It requires intentionally clearing out the deeper programming and strategies, releasing unresolved grief and trauma, and learning an entirely new way of moving through and engaging with the world.

I did the deeper work, and that’s why trust creates so much alignment in my life.

Do the deeper work.

It’s terrifying and hard and oh so worth it.

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