Bountiful New Beginnings

May 27, 2022

What seems simple and small unfurls into deep and impactful. What feels incomplete and directionless makes way for clarity, inspiration, and focus. What starts as uncomfortably new and wildly unsteady builds into mastery and grace.

Presence became my practice when I landed in New Mexico, a bit disoriented from all the massive changes and a little tender from the previous season and experiences.

Simple and small, wobbly and unsteady, I made presence my intentional focus.

I nurtured this practice and returned with commitment every time I strayed or got pulled away. It seemed silly, to be honest. Well over a decade of profound healing and growth work, and there I was, staring intently at the texture of towels while washing my hands or taking in every tiny crack on the counter as I cooked. Repeating aloud to myself, “be here… right now… in this moment… THIS is your life!!” as I drove myself around.

But I knew that this was my work, and the more I leaned in, the more things unfolded. The more I’ve been divinely guided into incredible awarenesses and internal shifts. I’m in the middle of it all, yet it’s not messy in the least. It’s confusing and disorienting in the most sweet and gentle ways. It’s feeling wide awake as I open my eyes even more with every passing day. It’s unsettling and directionless at levels that create more clarity and focus than ever before. It feels like returning home and navigating uncharted territory all at once.

It’s that beautiful mess of duality that gives birth to bountiful new beginnings.

There’s so much to say, and so much that’s about to change, but I’m remembering how to rest inside the liminal space. To experience that pocket between no longer and not yet for the magic it is and the unique momentum it brings. To deepen into trust and surrender, actively align myself with what I want, and anchor into new beliefs and ways of being.

So much is already here.

So much is still yet to come.

And I’m just so grateful to be where I am, right in the middle of it all.

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