Nothing Lasts Forever

November 16, 2020

We cling to the idea that everything should last forever.
The things we own, the roles we play, the relationships we love.

But the truth is, most things don’t last forever.

Some things last a lifetime, and that’s a beautiful gift. But many things are simply for a reason or a season, and nothing more. It’s painful and heartbreaking to lose the things we love, yet it’s often necessary.

With growth comes outgrowing.
Not always, but often.

As we grow and heal, it’s natural for the things around us to feel less and less aligned. It’s normal to outgrow the places and spaces that once held us as we step into new ways of being, adopting new beliefs as we do. And yes, it’s necessary to change our environment so that we can continue becoming the person we’re meant to be, rather than staying stuck in who we once were.

So no, you’re not ungrateful for letting go of people, places, and things as you heal and grow. You have permission to step away from anything that no longer fits the moment you realize that truth. While it’s incredibly painful and challenging, it’s often the most loving thing we can do.


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