The Truth About Limiting Beliefs

June 24, 2013

We all have them, over and over again.

Today I have a call with a phenomenal coach to work through some of my own current limiting beliefs and stories. *GASP* Yes, even coaches have stories and limiting beliefs. And this is exactly why I want to talk about them today.

Here’s the truth: if you want to live an amazing life and really step into the person you’re meant to be, you’re going to have to work through a LOT of dark and dirty stuff.

And not just once.

In order for me to start my own business, I had to work through some serious stuff. I had to learn and grow and stretch myself in new ways. It was hard and I fell on my face in so many ways. But I got up, brushed myself off, released some beliefs and learned some new tools and eventually I built myself a pretty great little business.

In order for me to leave a relationship that wasn’t serving me, I had to work through some serious stuff. I had to get honest with myself and others in ways that made me feel uncomfortable and exposed. In ways that hurt my heart and soul… but also healed me and allowed me to grow at such an accelerated pace. It was unbelievable, both times.

In order for me to get to the next level in my life and business, I have to work through some serious stuff. Because at every growth point in your life, stuff’s gonna come up. That’s just the way it works. The difference between being someone who stays stuck and unhappy and being someone who’s in love with life, living their version of success and in loving and fulfilling relationships, is whether or not you work through your stuff.


Every income level, new level of depth or connection in your relationships and every big step you take towards your dreams and goals, new stuff is going to come up. The question becomes, how bad to you want what you want?

Are you willing to get uncomfortable?
To speak your truth to the people in your life?
To not just cry, but probably sob uncontrollably at times as you release things?
To get honest with yourself about what’s not working?
To ask for help when you’re feeling stuck?
To admit where you messed up AND forgive yourself completely?

Releasing limiting beliefs can be hard and feel pretty yucky. I’m not going to lie to you… it’s hard work. It’s been some of the hardest work I’ve ever done.

But I can also tell you, it is oh-so-worth it my friend.

ACIM describes a miracle as a shift in perception. When you release a belief or story that’s been holding you back (sometimes for YEARS), it’s like the whole world changes. Suddenly, you can show up the way you need to in your relationships, career and life. You’re broken open and can feel things you’ve never experienced before. You can love and connect deeper, speak your truth louder than ever and really live and experience your life. You can move forward towards your goals.

Three Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs

1) Change your story.

“I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough money, people don’t like me…” etc. These are stories that you tell yourself in your head, start making note of what you tell yourself and how it effects you. Then, change it up! Don’t lie to yourself with fluffy affirmations such as “I’m rich and can afford anything I want.” That doesn’t work. Simply speak your truth… “I’m working towards creating a sustainable income and creating the means to live the life I want.” For a more in depth process, check out my Awesome Life Guide Quickies™, Shift Your Story, Shift Your Life ebook.

2) Shed light on the darkness.

Call up your best friend or talk to someone you love and trust. Speak your truth and share what you’re feeling. Sometimes simply speaking our limiting beliefs out loud allows us to shed some light on the darkness and release it’s hold on us. Sometimes all we need is to be heard, loved and supported during our trying times. Make sure it’s someone who’s positive, supportive and loving… this isn’t about commiserating over misery, it’s about shedding light on what you’re feeling.

3) Work with a professional.

This might mean taking a class, hiring a therapist or hiring a coach. If you want to work through some major blocks, you’re going to need to learn some new tools. You’re also going to need to stretch yourself. If you want to accelerate the process and start creating shifts, then you may need the support of a professional. Someone who’s done what you want to do, been through the same situation and knows exactly what you need to do, ask yourself or experience to make massive changes in your life.

Take action now!

Fess up… where do you need to start working through some serious stuff in order to get to the next level in your life or business? What needs light shed on it, or where do you need to get some professional support? What action will you take TODAY to start releasing your limiting beliefs and stories?

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