Operating in Alignment With My Energetics

July 26, 2022

“You shouldn’t push so hard,” they say. “You don’t have to do so much, do it so professionally, or be that great.”

Sometimes they say it directly.

Sometimes it’s indirect or feigning worry and support.

(Sometimes, they’re genuinely concerned I’m moving too fast, doing too much, and pushing too hard, or they think I’m not accepting myself where I’m at.)

But I’m just being me.

Again—finally!—after far too many years.

And I’m someone who moves quickly, produces prolifically, and loves to push herself further every day (especially physically and creatively). I just hadn’t been able to for a long while.

I’m happy, healthy, and focused.

I rest, take breaks, and nourish myself fully.

I’m operating in alignment with my energetics which are designed to move and be at these levels, to use up all my energy every day in ways that leave me expanded and satisfied.

Some people are wired to move more slowly.

Neither is better or worse; it’s about what’s right and aligned for each of us individually.

So here I am, sweaty, happy, and exhausted in the best ways after my second workout of the day (something that’s becoming a norm while I move towards my big fall goals).

Knowing yourself and operating in alignment is key, friends. Don’t compare. Don’t make your way or others’ wrong. We all have our contributions to make, and we all have to do that through our own processes and timing.

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