Feeling Stronger Than I Have Since Before My Loss

May 8, 2022

Feeling stronger than I have since before my loss—mentally and emotionally.

A direct result of this last year of deep processing work and clearing out everything that felt misaligned.

Add in this past month of seeking out incredible support, leaning on the right relationships, and living in environments that feel more supportive and ideal, and I’m feeling happier and more optimistic about everything I’m moving towards.

My body bears the brunt of my trauma, as our bodies tend to do. Adrenal fatigue has been an unfriendly companion, and my swallowing still acts as a signal when I’m not living my truth. But with all the healing and internal shifts, my body has begun craving more and more movement. More water (which I can swallow with ease these days), more greens, more care and nourishment of all kinds.

Healing is a journey, friends.

Be kind to yourself along the way, and give yourself grace when you’re not where you want to be. It takes time and intention and a whole lot of conscious, considerate care.

And whatever you do, don’t leave space for anyone critical, cruel, or controlling around how your healing and growth should look. All that does is delay the process and add more 💩 to work through. Get help when you need it, but trust your heart.

If it’s not adding to or assisting your healing, it needs to go.

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