You Haven’t Been Abandoned or Forgotten

March 22, 2022

For a long time, the universe was quiet.

Life felt stagnant, stalled, small.

Every time I tried to make something happen, things fell through, led to a dead-end, or prompted some serious struggle.

I’m a highly intuitive person, which means I’m led by my senses and inner knowings. I’ve been guided into the most amazing experiences and opportunities through signs and synchronicities. Little nudges, divine downloads, visions, and more.

When we ask for clarity and guidance, the universe responds. It’s not “woo woo” or magic; it’s a reflection of our internal shifts. It’s a reconfiguration of our frequency-based universe around the energy and intention that we put out.

We act, and the universe responds.

But it went quiet for me.

I felt like I was banging on the sealed-up door of a totally abandoned house. I felt alone, unsupported, and lost.

Until finally, I stopped pushing.

I learned to sit inside the stillness and silence.

I built my trust muscle in new and terrifying ways for far longer than was comfortable.

I surrendered.

I asked for support.

I let go of needing to know while sending gentle requests for guidance when the time was right.

And goodness, I guess now the time is right.

The messages won’t stop pouring in. All synchronistic and intrinsically connected. All coming rapid-fire on repeat through every channel possible. In my dreams. In my conversations. On social media and billboards and in the most random interactions.

The same words and concepts.

The same lessons and areas of focus.

The same little winks and nudges.

Over and over and over again.

A powerful reminder that there are always periods in life full of questions and stillness, with no momentum or movement to be found. But there are also periods flush with all the answers you could ever need. Wisdom and guidance at every turn, dropping little (and enormous) breadcrumbs leading you where you need to go.

If you’re swimming in the silence, I’m sending so much love.

The answers will come. You haven’t been abandoned or forgotten. Surrender to this season without giving up. Ask all the questions as you tend to the present moment, and trust that they will come.

Because they will.

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