Becoming Magnetic Is a Science

June 15, 2022

Becoming magnetic is a science.

It’s the tangible result of taking a specific, methodical approach to moving through life and towards your goals.

It’s about creating channels and pathways for life, people, opportunities, money, and more to come *to you.* It doesn’t mean doing nothing (though for some personalities and how their energetics are wired, it sometimes looks like doing nothing!) It means learning a new way of engaging with the world and your goals, with yourself and the kinds of actions you take. It’s about prioritizing the work that frees your energy up and aligns you with the things you deeply desire.


That’s an annoying word when you don’t understand what it means. It’s a frustrating concept you can’t seem to make real when you think it’s simply about what you’re doing.

It’s so much more than that.

It’s so much more tangible than it seems.

It’s a science.

A practical, systematic approach that you can tap into and produce results from right now. And goodness, it changes everything!!

Join me for the first live workshop in our summer expansion series—The Science of Magnetism: Create What You Desire with Ease—next Tuesday, June 21st, at 5pm ET. There will be a replay and a safe space to ask questions if you can’t attend live.

This workshop (and the complete five-series bundle) is only available through midnight ET on June 20th!!

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