What if You Could Stop Trying to Force Everything?

June 16, 2022

What if you could stop trying to force everything to happen and instead operate from joy, ease, and calm consistently?

What if you could stay in ease and joy even when circumstances get chaotic and uncertain because you know you’re supported and always in control of whether you align with what you want?

What if you could have everything you desire as a direct result of being FULLY yourself, operating in ways that feel right for you, physically, mentally, and energetically?

Flow is a state we always have access to.

We just accidentally turn it off.

We unconsciously block our ability to open channels and pathways for the things we desire to come in with ease. We self-sabotage without realizing it (getting sick, feeling exhausted, putting other people first, cleaning and organizing, overwhelm, burnout, tech breaking, feeling confused, etc.) while justifying these things and pointing to them as the reason what we want is impossible.

Really, our subconscious is actively creating states, experiences, and emotions (or choosing to fixate on certain situations and incidents) to keep us where we are so that we can stay “safe.” But safe to the subconscious equates to small, stagnant, and settling in our lives and businesses, keeping what we really, truly want forever out of reach.

You have to want the things you desire more than the comfort of staying where you are. You have to be willing to risk uncertainty, failure, judgment, and struggle as you learn new ways of being and override the patterns of stopping that keep what you want so far away. You have to learn new beliefs and ways of moving through the world that often go against what you’ve been taught to do.

All so you can access flow again.

So you can become undeniably magnetic.

Join me next Tuesday, June 21st, for the first workshop in our summer series—The Science of Magnetism—at 5pm ET. You can also access the replay and ask questions for up to one week.

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