Moving Through the World at a Higher Frequency

June 17, 2022

Becoming magnetic requires moving through the world at a higher frequency, but holding a higher frequency doesn’t mean bypassing the heavier, contractive emotions and experiences. It doesn’t mean that when you’re sad, angry, frustrated, or disappointed that you’re no longer capable of attracting the things you desire. It also doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the things you already have.

You must learn to expand your capacity and ability to hold the duality of life. To stay plugged into expansive, aligned states even as the heavier emotions move through. To stay connected to yourself, your truth, and your vision, even when life is messy and hard. You must expand your capacity to be here now, in this moment and the next, experiencing every aspect of self and life.

This work is about fullness.

Fullness of expression.
Fullness of emotions and experience.
Fullness of embodiment.
Fullness of presence.

We think that aligning with what we want requires good vibes only and polished positivity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a lie fed to us by toxic positivity culture and those who are only comfortable with expansive emotions.

Fullness is where we experience the true richness and abundance of life. Where we learn how to move through the highs and lows of being human while staying consistent when and where it matters. Fullness is where we access all parts of ourselves, our deepest truths and inner knowings, and the wisdom and guidance to defy the odds and make seemingly impossible things happen quickly.

It’s a magical life, but it’s not magic.

It’s the science of magnetism, a systematic process of tapping into fullness so that you can create what you desire with more ease (and without bypassing emotions or denying all the many human experiences). The process and results are tangible.

Join me next Tuesday, June 21st, at 5pm ET for our first Summer Expansion Series workshop (or grab the replay).

I can’t wait to share this work.

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