We Can Recalibrate at Any Moment

June 18, 2022

We can recalibrate at any moment, regardless of how we feel or what’s happening around us (and, a reminder: without bypassing or negating any of our contractive emotions!)

We can completely alter our experience of the world around us in an instant, just like changing the TV channel (or amping up the sound and saturation of what we’re already engaging with).

We can start fresh with a completely clean slate, free from anything that’s come before this moment, literally any time we want.

It’s a practice.

A muscle we intentionally build.

A pathway we can wire and rewire until it’s second nature and our default mode.

This is how we collapse time.

This is how I’ve personally gone from having $150 cash to my name (and overdrawn bank accounts) to making consistent five-figure months, seemingly overnight—clients and opportunities raining from the sky when there was absolutely nothing before.

It’s how I’ve gone from feeling lost, depressed, disconnected, and stagnant to feeling utterly alive, delighted, tapped in, and turned on by every aspect of my life.

It’s how I’ve gone from feeling a burning desire for specific things, connections, opportunities, or experiences to having them land in my lap the every next day, often better than I could’ve hoped for or imagined.

These aren’t flukes.

They’re a total transformation of reality, just like flipping from one channel to the next, only it’s flipping frequencies. When we shift our energy and embodiment to align with what we want, the universe reconfigures around us. It sounds woo-woo and out there, but we do it all the time. The work is understanding the process and using it on a larger scale.

Your reality can shift tomorrow.

It can shift right now in this very moment.

Will you choose to flip the channel? Or will you decide it’s crazy talk and ignore the invitation to step into exactly what you want, letting your subconscious continue running the show and keeping you small?

It’s always a choice.

(And if it’s a choice that feels impossible to make, then it’s a choice to deepen into your healing work because your past, traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs CAN be cleared.)

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