The Space of All Possibility and Ultimate Choice

April 18, 2017

“You’re in the space of all possibility, of ultimate choice.”

I remember how good it felt to hear those words fall from her lips, because I was so excited to have someone who finally understood where I was standing. Most people seemed to look at me with a sense of urgency, an almost desperate desire to know what was next, what I was doing, and how it all related to everything they knew me to be from before.

But the truth is, I wasn’t doing anything in that moment.
I wasn’t driven or motivated by any of my past goals.
There wasn’t any old internal patterns or beliefs at play.

I was just… awake, alive, existing in the moment.
With nothing to do and nowhere to be.

This pocket of space is often misunderstood. It’s not apathy, nor is it depression. It’s not a loss of drive or giving up on moving forward. It’s simply being 100% where you are, in each and every moment, present to the reality of living this life. With absolutely no attachment or need for things to change.

Everything is just… what it is.

This is what happens when we return from the journey.

From the depths of hell and heartache.
Rising up from the ashes of death and rebirth.
Untangled from all our old ways of being.

This is what it feels like to truly come back. Finding yourself changed at your core, standing inside a life that no longer fits, and having stripped away everything and everyone that’s no longer aligned… with a blank canvas for a life and a vision that feels wildly different from anything that came before.

The space of all possibility and ultimate choice.

While it may look a lot like apathy, it’s actually one of the most peaceful and exciting spaces I’ve ever experienced. Literally anything is possible.

You’re no longer driven by the patterns that controlled you, nor are you attached to the goals or titles or “success” markers of the past. You’re no longer clinging to the relationships or aspects of your life that used to define you. Everything falls away and creates this clearing for ultimate choice.

Choice to create, do, be, and connect however you want.

There’s only one path to this space, and it requires a willingness to face into all the parts of yourself that must die and be reborn. A commitment to identifying the places where you find yourself bumping up against walls where there used to be doors so you can start walking in a new direction. And the courage to let go of all the hands that are no longer meant to hold you.

It’s the most soul stretching work you’ll ever do—reaching the space of all possibility and ultimate choice—so you can begin to create a life, relationships, and purposeful work that’s more aligned with who you’ve become.


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