Life Is a Beautiful Disaster

April 19, 2017

Trauma, grief, and PTSD were the worst things I’ve ever experienced… and yet they set me free in ways I will always be grateful for, in ways I may never be able to articulate fully. They were the key to a lock I never realized existed. They were the gateway to this life of deeper loving and connecting, more purposeful living, and freedom from all the ways of being that weren’t truly aligned.

There’s a level of duality with these things that never quite gets reconciled inside your heart. The way you can feel immense gratitude as the grief breaks you a little further. The way you can love the lessons that life and loss leave you with, and equally hate them for the ways they bruise your soul.

But this is what makes being human so amazing.
The deep, wide, rich duality of emotion and experience.

As much as we hate it at times… it’s everything we need to grow, find purpose, and create the level of connection we so deeply desire. It’s the key to the breathtaking, successful, joyful life we all want to live.

Life is a beautiful disaster.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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