Your Energy is Critical for Magnetism and Ease

June 19, 2022

I’ve been far more intentional with and protective of my energy because it was gone for so long and for so many reasons.

The relationships that were depressing and toxic. The clients and work that left me feeling dead inside. The adrenal fatigue constantly reactivated by stress, drama, overwhelm, and fear. The way I stopped breathing deeply when I was in the wrong places with the wrong people. The disconnect from myself, my body, and my purpose.

Now I wake up at 4:50am all week to get my workout in before taking my nephew to summer camp (plus a weekend workout and two kickboxing classes!) Sometimes I nap, but mostly I feel energized all day. I’m working diligently towards many personal and professional goals, expanding my capacity across the board, and navigating the rapid transformations that leave me feeling stretched in the best of ways. I’m sprinting—literally and metaphorically—towards big, big visions and goals.

It feels good.

I feel deeply grateful.

And I’m fiercely protective of it.

Energy is key to magnetism because if you’re not aligned energetically, or you feel exhausted, disconnected, unplugged, and stagnant, you can’t align with the desires in your heart.

You’re simply not on the same frequency as them.

I lost my energy to one degree or another for eight years after my loss. Eight years is a long time. I spent the last year at the very depths of myself, untangling my core wounds and subconscious patterns so that I could be where I am today.

Home. Awake. Alive.

Endlessly energized and ready for all the beautiful things I’m about to step into and birth.

I’ll never risk my energy again. I’ll never stay in places that drain my life force. I’ll never tolerate people who cut me down or make me feel unimportant, less than, or small, or who ask me to compromise on what’s important to me. I won’t spend time on anyone or anything that takes me away from myself.

It’s not worth the cost.

Your energy is everything, friends.

And it’s critical for magnetism and ease.

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