Leaving a Certain Level of Living Behind

August 6, 2021

It can be sad and scary to leave a certain level of living behind.

Even if we’re ready, excited, and aware of all the awesome to come, it doesn’t mean there aren’t people and places we’re going to miss deeply. It doesn’t mean we don’t wish we could bring things with us that we know are meant to stay behind.

And, of course, there’s a level of comfort that comes with the places we’ve outgrown. They can feel constricting and stagnating right alongside sweet and loving. They can be well worn and comfortable to curl up inside while also draining and depressing.

Growth is disorienting.
Change can be terrifying.
The duality of it all is confusing.

But such is life.

Most people seek ease and comfort over growth, and that’s okay.

It’s human nature and to be expected, but that doesn’t make it “right” or “better.” The truth is, we’re wired for continuous growth, and, as humans, we’re absolutely limitless. We’re meant to outgrow what’s known and familiar, to stretch ourselves and actualize our full potential in this life. To achieve this looks like a lot of loss and letting go because not everyone or everything is meant to come with us.

So let yourself grieve.
Feel the love and appreciate the good.
And let go so you can lean into what’s next.

What’s coming around the bend may be complicated, challenging, and uncertain, but it will also surprise and delight you in ways you don’t expect.

It will breathe new life into you, activate parts you never knew you had, and show you just how capable you are of making magic happen.

Trust and release.

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