What’s It Costing You?

April 5, 2019

What’s it costing you?⁣⁣⁣

Prioritizing relationships and obligations that aren’t fully aligned with your heart. Continually choosing the known and familiar over feeding the parts that are coming alive deep inside your soul. Not speaking your truth and showing up fully in every moment.⁣⁣

Is it worth it?⁣⁣

I‘m guessing its probably not.⁣⁣
I have no doubts it feels worthwhile at times. Even justifiable. Maybe it pays well or comes with some essential perks. Maybe it’s easy because there’s a well worn groove you fit so neatly inside of. Or maybe it’s all things lovely and beautiful, a place and space you’ve been welcomed and loved inside of for so many iterations of your life and self.⁣⁣
But what’s it costing you?⁣⁣
Where is it keeping you small?⁣⁣
And how does it ensure you stay firmly planted right where you are and always have been, rather than catalyzing your growth so you can step into who you’re here to be and the work you’re here to do?⁣⁣
These are hard questions to answer, I know. They ask for a level of honesty we’re not always ready to sink into because we’re terrified of the answers and what they might mean.⁣⁣
Starting down an entirely new and different path, letting go of the hands that held you, and walking away from all that’s known and familiar is some of the hardest work we’ll ever do. It’s not always necessary. Some people and spaces grow with us for many seasons on end. But with growth comes outgrowing, and I won’t deny how hard and heartbreaking that can be. Or how frequently it happens when you’re committed to growing immensely in this lifetime.⁣⁣⁣⁣

But it’s worth it.⁣⁣⁣

Because anything or anyone that asks you to stay small, to stand still, to round your edges, to be less than you are in any and every way… anything or anyone that doesn’t value, encourage, or contribute to your perpetual growth… they’re costing you more than you know.⁣⁣

Tell the truth.⁣⁣
Embrace the heartache of it.⁣⁣
Feel the love and appreciation for what was.⁣⁣
Then step into what’s next.⁣⁣

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