You Have to Invert the Fear

June 20, 2022

You have to invert the fear.

You have to be far more terrified of living a life out of alignment than letting your parents down or being judged by friends and strangers. You have to become petrified of wasting precious time worrying, doubting, or being held back by fear, then you are of potential failure or struggle along the way. You have to be more afraid to play smaller than you desire or know you’re capable of than you are of falling flat on your face.

And you have to invert the fear today—right now—and start acting in alignment with what you say you want. What you claim is important.

People nod in agreement, but they don’t do anything different.

They say “yeah!” as that initial surge of knowing and recognition courses through their veins, and they think about all the things they can and “will” do. They put a plan in place (for tomorrow, this weekend, or the first of next month, of course), and they talk about how it’s time.

But then they don’t.

Something comes up, they keep resetting the start date, or they spend more time in the scheming, dreaming, and planning phase.

You have to move.

You have to act on what you want right now.

That doesn’t mean the expectations and obligations of daily life fall away or get neglected; it means you learn to move despite them. You get creative, explore new possibilities, and take big, bold risks. You put your comfort and complacency on the line, and you stretch yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Some obstacles are more challenging than others. But stop saying you want something and following up with why you can’t have it right now.

You can always move.

You can always take the smallest of steps forward.

You can work on aligning your energy, healing your traumas, and clearing your blocks and limiting beliefs. You can make calls, explore options, and start having uncomfortable conversations. You can invest in yourself, even if you have a fixed income. You can make impossible things happen, even if your credit is trashed and you just filed bankruptcy (ask me how I know!)

Reasons are security blankets.

They’re real reasons, some of the time.

But they’re just reasons nonetheless.

If you want it… if it’s important to you… if it’s worth the discomfort of growth, healing, change, and transformation… you find a way (a way that’s often only accessible once you clear certain subconscious pieces, by the way!)

And the more you do what aligns with your heart and soul, the more magnetic you become. The more things move on your behalf, towards you rapidly, despite the odds and “lack of options or possibilities.”

You move first, and the world responds.

You align your energy, and the universe reconfigures around you.

Let’s talk about how in a tangible, applicable way.

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