Eliminate Perceived Obstacles, Real Roadblocks, and Reasons Self-Coaching Guide


When chasing down your goals, three main issues may cause you to stall out, give up, or never get started on your goals: Perceived Obstacles, Real Roadblocks, and Reasons. This ebook gives you three worksheets that enable you to find solutions for each so that you can start moving towards your goals today. If you’re working towards a goal or creating positive shifts in your life but keep getting stuck, this ebook is for you!

Whenever we work towards exciting new goals or try to create shifts in our lives, we’re going to get blocked somewhere along the way. It’s inevitable. We’re all human, and we all experience the same obstacles, roadblocks, and reasons that keep us from moving forward. When you hit these points in your journey, you may be tempted to throw in the towel and completely give up. I understand because I’ve certainly been there before!

This guide contains three easy-to-use worksheets that will help you eliminate perceived obstacles, real roadblocks, and all the reasons. It will help prevent you from throwing in the towel at any point in your journey — regardless of what’s standing in your way!

All you have to do is commit to using these worksheets every single time you feel stuck, blocked, or like things just aren’t working out. Easy, right? So go ahead and dive in and get to work! You’ll reach your goals and create some fantastic shifts in no time at all.

These Awesome Life Guide Quickies are some of the exact exercises and tools I give my program members and one-on-one coaching clients to work through some of their biggest blocks.

Because we all experience the same blocks and obstacles, I wanted to create these guides so that you can choose to work on one specific issue as needed, as many times as it takes. Quickies are delivered as PDF documents via email just moments after you send payment. This means you can print them out, read them on your computer or smart phone, or load them onto your e-reader!