Becoming a Safe Space for Yourself

June 22, 2022

You can’t be all here and go all-in on what you want if you’re not a safe space for yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, forgive yourself, and give yourself grace as often as you need. In fact, you’ll never align with what you want if you don’t give yourself permission to fail, get things wrong, and be a beginner again, or if you make yourself wrong and beat yourself up because you’re not “perfect.”

You can’t magnetize things towards you if you move through the world with a deep sense of unworthiness. Feeling unworthy isn’t aligned with receiving. It’s not aligned with the great relationship, immense success, beautiful experiences, and next-level opportunities.

You think you need those things to feel worthy, but that’s backward.

The money, the titles, the relationships, the property, and the material goods won’t make you feel any more worthy than you do now. And if you don’t feel worthy of them, you won’t be able to hold onto them, if you’re even able to grab hold of them to begin with. You’ll self-sabotage without even realizing that you’re doing it.

You have to feel worthy FIRST.

You have to feel deserving FIRST.

You have to be a safe, loving, accepting, and gracious space for yourself FIRST.

You also have to become that next level, next iteration Self who has the things you want… well before you ever touch them.

You have to be that person FIRST.

That means clearing out what’s old and unsupportive. All the unresolved grief, trauma, and contractive emotions stored in your cells that were pushed down, bypassed, or never had space to move through and out. That means rewriting all your limiting beliefs and core wound stories and rewiring your subconscious patterning on a deep level.

This work isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to take forever.

This work isn’t fun, but it creates far more space in your field to see new pathways and possibilities and for more and better to drop in. It creates leverage and freedom to move in ways you’ve never been able to before, to pull all your self-sabotaging behaviors out at their roots.

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