Every Time I Release Toxicity From My Life, I Expand

April 27, 2022

Every time I release toxicity from my life, I expand immensely and effortlessly.

As a result of removing people and energies that make me feel small, but also from the increase in self-worth that comes with letting go of low vibrational things.

Releasing toxic people and energies opens up higher-frequency spaces in my world, which begins to attract more beautiful, aligned experiences.

I’m learning more about energetics.

How the universe works.
How my energy is uniquely wired.
How we level up massively and rapidly.
How to expand our subconscious beliefs.
How we reconfigure the world around us.

It’s magical and synchronistic and beautiful, to be sure.

But that doesn’t mean it’s without challenges.

It gets easier to spot toxicity and step away, though certain people and situations require processing deep heartache and grief. There are right and true choices that expand me on such profound levels, and they also ask me to face my fears and traumas head-on so that I can hold a new frequency matching my desires and aligning me with what I want. It’s a lot, all at once.

Yet I keep learning how to accelerate the process. I keep learning how to hold new ways of being that once felt so far out of reach. I keep learning new depths of trust that continually produce crazy amazing outcomes.

Grateful for the journey I’ve been on this past year.

Grateful for the new expanders, the many mentors and guides, and every test or challenge that helped me grow and heal even more.

Grateful for what’s now coming into my life as a result of it all.

And I’m so, so excited to bring you new, deeper, more in-depth conversations about how we heal and find wholeness, uncover and live our purpose, and make seemingly impossible things happen in every area of our lives.

Onward and upward, always.

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