Make Yourself and Your Needs Important

April 26, 2022

This last year—one soul in particular—taught me that just because I can sustain a certain level of discomfort doesn’t mean I should.

Just because I can sustain worry, fear, or uncertainty, doesn’t mean I should. Just because I can sustain anxiety and stress doesn’t mean I should. Just because I can sustain the bare minimum of love, care, or connection, doesn’t mean I should.

Doesn’t mean I have to.

The other day I got a response on something significant, important, and life-altering that felt… insufficient. The time before I’d know what I needed to know would be extended. I started feeling anxious from the amount of uncertainty. I tried to focus on the outcomes I wanted and anchor into trust and surrender, and then I realized… I could ask for what I needed: more information right now.

Simple. Easy. Beyond reasonable.

But because I’ve spent so much of my life sustaining discomfort in all the many ways—thinking my feelings and experience didn’t matter—my initial reaction was to tolerate anxiety and uncertainty for DAYS rather than ask a simple question. A simple question that elicited a simple answer, easing my anxiety and giving me the clarity I needed.

We don’t have to wait to feel better, get support, or be heard just because we can. Just because we have for as long as we can remember. We can value ourselves and make ourselves important because we are.

Make yourself important.
Make your wants and needs a priority.
Make your requests and desires known.

You matter.

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