Moments of Freedom, Clarity, and Expansion

July 21, 2021

After I ran this morning, I sat in the shade watching the trains go by and cried.

For the first time in too long, the tears were from a place of deep gratitude.

There was no grief, heartache, or deep processing to wade through and make sense of. I was just overflowing with an intense appreciation for the journey I’ve been on and feeling immensely excited about all that’s become possible because of every challenge and heartbreak I’ve faced these last few years.

This is why we do the work. For these moments of freedom, clarity, and expansion.

My heart feels so wide open.
There’s nothing but love and joy.
I’m so clear about what’s next for my life.
And I’ve leveled up something fierce.

There’s no angst or hooks to anything that came before this day, this week, this freedom.

I don’t even relate to it the way I used to.

I remember it all; it’s just not who I am anymore. It’s not a life or set of experiences and relationships I have to be anchored down by. I can just step into what’s next with lightness and ease, and that makes my heart swell and my whole being feel peaceful.

Swimming in gratitude and anchoring into the new beliefs and ways of being today.

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