Things Are Always Continually Unfolding

July 21, 2021

Here’s the thing about my goals and visions:

I set them, hold them in my heart, and move toward them in full expectation with a sense of total surrender and openness.

I’m planning to move to New Mexico.
I want to be single for a year or so.
I’m launching certain things this fall.
I’m building my life in a certain way.

I’m doing all of this with wholehearted intention and commitment—while also knowing I can’t possibly see the complete picture of what’s possible or best for me and my life.

I may meet my right partner tomorrow. The winds could change, and I could end up in a place I never thought I’d live. My business could completely pivot, and my life could look totally different in a few months.

I’m committed and open.
I’m focused with complete surrender.
I know better than to think I know it all.

This is a balance I hold for myself, and it’s served me oh so well and beautifully for these last several years. Life happens. Unexpected turns come up. People and opportunities appear before we’re ready. Things shape us, and our views and visions change.

This is life.

This is how it’s supposed to be.

So hold your visions close to your heart and move toward them with everything you’ve got. Expect them to happen while staying open to all the things you can’t see from where you are right now—all the possibilities that only become available to us once we trek a certain distance down the path we’re walking. That’s when the magic happens for us, when (and where) we least expect it.

We’re always right where we need to be, and we’re constantly being guided to what’s next. Sometimes “what’s next” just looks wildly different than we thought it would.

Trust and release, friends.

Things are continually unfolding.

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