Creating What You Desire

August 12, 2019

Once isn’t enough.

Whether that’s showing up, telling the truth, doing your growth work, taking the hard actions, making the difficult choices, or digging into your healing… once isn’t enough.

Twice definitely isn’t enough.⁣
A hundred times might not be either.

Creating what you desire, stepping into new ways of being, healing, and doing the impossible in your life, work, and relationships is about commitment and consistency. It’s about devotion, discipline, and regular practice.

A willingness to show up and dig in repeatedly is something not many people have… which is why not many people step into who they’re here to be—their FULL potential and purpose—or start doing the work they feel called to do. It’s why some never even hear the call in the first place, then spend their lives irritated by the words ‘purpose’ and ‘calling’ because they don’t think it’s something that exists for everyone.

When really, they just didn’t show up enough times or do the work to dig in and uncover what has always been there.


They gave up when things got hard and uncomfortable.⁣
They settled into their ruts and routines because it felt safer.⁣
They blamed outsides circumstances and people.⁣
They numbed out in all the ways we have available.

They didn’t do the work, because the work is hard and constant. There’s no easy path or ‘final destination’ to settle into. There’s only more growth, more healing, more learning, and more untangling from outdated beliefs and ways of being.

It’s hard, I get it.⁣
It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.⁣
It’s exhausting and soul stretching.⁣
It can be maddening at times.

You’re never going to reap the fruit of the seeds you choose not to water or tend to, and there is a seed of purpose inside every single person, yourself included. But in order to uncover your seed, your truth, your purpose, your calling… you must be willing to really dig in and do the work. Repeatedly. For far longer than feels easy, comfortable, safe, or enjoyable.

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