Becoming Who You’re Here To Be

August 9, 2019

Becoming who you’re here to be and doing your work in the world (meaning, contributing in the way that only you can), requires a true paradigm shift. It requires doing the work to move past your most deeply set beliefs, ways of being, and thought patterns in order to SEE and STEP INTO something new.

It requires a willingness to lean away from what you believe has kept you safe, secure, and successful to this point in your life, so that you can start leaning into that which calls to your heart and soul.

Everyone has a purpose.

And everyone already knows what that purpose is… the way they want to contribute, the things that matter most to them, and what they truly want to be doing with their one short life… it’s been hard coded into each and every one of us since before we were born.

This I know to be true.

What I also know to be true is that most people struggle to claim that purpose, begin moving towards it, and ever truly living it out because there is so much fear around stepping away from the known and familiar… even if the known and familiar is killing them slowly.

Even if they know and declare that it’s not what they want anymore, they will continually come back to the path they’re already on, rather than stepping into the path they feel called to start walking.

In order to shift the paradigm we have to start by setting the ‘how’ aside. We have to be willing to claim our big, bold vision for what we want to do, how we want to show up, the areas we want to have impact and influence (at whatever scale and in whatever ways). We have to find and hold that vision, rather than denying or burying it more deeply with the to-do lists and obligations of our day-to-day life. Rather than being ‘practical’ or ‘reasonable’.

The how is always figureoutable. 
Always, always.

And the how only becomes clear when we claim our big vision, our dream, our true purpose… first. When we start leaning into the unknown with total trust and faith that we will create what we desire for ourselves, our work, and our lives… first.

Lean into your purpose and vision, friend.⁣
That which calls to your heart and soul.⁣
Your next step will be revealed.

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