Adopt an Abundance Mindset in 4 Easy Steps

January 8, 2020

Struggling to find the rainbow… long after the storm is gone?

A scarcity mindset is always going to leave you wondering where your rainbow is, even if it’s right in front of you!

The good news is, there are ways to reprogram your mind and get rid of those thoughts that are holding you back from achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Here’s how to let go of the scarcity mindset and what it really takes to create an abundance mentality!

Step 1: Take a good, hard look at your current beliefs.

Based on our past experiences, all of us hold beliefs that we think to be true about life.

The problem is, sometimes the beliefs we have don’t exactly work in our favor. Actually, they do more harm than good and prevent us from living the truly amazing life.

There are various reasons for this. Maybe you grew up around parents who were always struggling to make ends meet or you lived in a neighborhood where it was hard to find proof the good life exists.

Here are some of the most common tricks that a scarcity mindset is playing upon you:

  • Only the rich grow richer, the rest of us are destined to stay pretty much the same throughout the whole life. 
  • The economy’s bad right now.
  • My family needs me, I can’t work and take care of them at the same time!
  • Are you kidding me, what do I have to give to the world?!

How is your scarcity mindset holding you back from living a fulfilling life?

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Step 2: Watch the way you think, talk, and act.

Ditching the scarcity mindset won’t happen overnight, but it’s important to get started.

For starters, pay attention to three things:

  1. The way you think. Be merciless when it comes to shooing away thoughts that stem from old beliefs and values!  
  2. The way you talk. About yourself, your life, and your worth, because thoughts become actions!
  3. The way you act. Because in the end, actions matter more than words!

If you’re struggling to do all of that, try this:

Imagine you have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Now, how does that person think? How does she talk? What are her actions? What habits does she have? What does she eat? What does she wear? What does she do when life doesn’t go according to plan?

Then, think, talk, act the same way that version of you would RIGHT NOW. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be through BEING her now.

Step 3: Gratitude, the most powerful abundance hack!

Gratitude is the single most powerful mindset hack that can truly change anyone’s life.

And it only makes sense: how are you going to attract more of the good stuff if you’re not grateful for what you already have? This is the Law of Vibration at play.

A nice way to introduce gratitude in your life is to finish each day with three positive things… three things you’re grateful for that day. That sends the message of not lacking, which in return, gives you even more things to be grateful for.

It doesn’t matter how big or small those three things are. On some days, the roof over your head, a warm meal, and a bed to sleep in are going to be the only things you’re grateful for but that’s much, much better than nurturing thoughts that only point out to what’s missing from your life! 

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Step 4: Let abundance into all areas of your life!

Abundance isn’t only material wealth. The abundance mindset applies to every single area of your life: love, business, lifestyle, travel, free time, anything you want!

Anything you can imagine, you can have.

Now, I’m all about vision boards and affirmations – if that’s your thing – but remember, they only work if you do the work too!

It’s awesome if you’re crystal clear on the person you aspire to become, however, it’s crucial to have a plan of action. How are you going to get to the point where you want to be?

Make a plan, decide on your goals, and take action – that’s how you’re going to see real, tangible results!

Tell me – what do you do to overcome scarcity beliefs?

Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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