Becoming Magnetic to Attract What We Want

August 31, 2021

Something I’ve been talking about frequently with my inner circle since early spring is the idea of becoming magnetic.

Living my joy and engaging with the world in such a way that the things, opportunities, and people I desire are magnetized to me vs. being in a constant state of hustle and struggle.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t any doing involved, whether that’s creating content, marketing my business, dating to find the right person, learning new skills, building new habits, experimentation with different practices, etc. It just means my actions are focused on opening channels and generating momentum in the right ways while also being in the world in such a way that things are more easily drawn toward me.

This work is very intentional and painstaking at times, but I’ve already seen a ton of shifts in my life and relationships from what I’m doing!

Today I want to share six specific things I’m focused on right now.

1. Raising my self-worth repeatedly and rapidly.

This unexpectedly became the year of taking my self-worth to whole new heights.

I’m so grateful now for all the experiences in my last relationship that forced me to face just how far I fell in terms of worth and deservingness after loss and trauma.

I really thought I had been leveling up and doing better. But it became apparent this spring that, while I was doing better compared to my prior lifestyle state and relationships, I was still operating on a very low level. I didn’t think I deserved to be happy or feel fulfilled. I didn’t think I was worthy of really being seen, heard, and honored for who I am. I thought I should be content with crumbs and that anything more was me asking for too much or being unreasonable.

Not just in my relationship but much of my life.

So right now, and for the next six months before my move, I’m heavily focused on intentionally and consciously elevating my self-worth rapidly.

This has specifically looked like listening to a lot of podcasts and videos on this topic, having endless conversations with my brilliant friends to get their reflections, doing daily processing work to clear and reprogram recent and old wounding, and working through a year-long experience that’s centered around self-worth.

2. Living fully-expressed at all times.

Whew, this one has been fun and hard and ever-evolving!

I’ve talked before about identifying these two main parts of myself: the “free-spirited” part that’s who I really am (and always have been) and the “successful” part that took over to find a sense of belonging in this weird little world.

What I know to be true is that living from a fully authentic and aligned place means letting the free-spirited part of myself take the wheel.

That’s who I am, and it’s what will allow me to be my most magnetic self, not shrinking into the smaller version of who I thought I needed to be to survive. That said, the successful part of me accomplished a lot of beautiful and amazing things, and that’s not something I want to dismiss or write off. She just doesn’t need to be in charge anymore because she tends to conform to what other people want.

This has specifically looked like being more wild and free-spirited in my everyday life, from how I dress to my communication style to where and how I spend my time. It’s liberating, validating, and terrifying all at once, but I’m loving it.

3. Decluttering my entire life.

This is about creating space for my desires to come in.

I’m not joking when I say I’ll likely sell 90% of what I own when I move in February.

This summer has been such an intense and massive up-leveling that it feels vital to leave behind anything that no longer feels like me or aligns with what I want in this next season. I’m not just leaving the state of Colorado in February; I’m leaving behind so many old beliefs, ways of being, and aspects of my life.

Sometimes it feels sad and scary, but mostly it feels exciting and joyful.

I finally graduated from a level I’ve been at for too long, and I don’t want to carry forward any old frequencies or energetic ties when I roll out of here. Energy is everything and everything is energy, and sometimes we have to do a great big purge of all the things that link us to those old aspects of ourselves and our lives.

4. Adopting new habits and routines.

This has been an ongoing effort throughout my life and continues today.

I’m having a ton of fun lately, meeting new people and going on adventures. And it’s also been imperative to me to focus more heavily on being disciplined.

This has looked like expanding on my daily and weekly routines.

In addition to my usual morning routine that hinges heavily on journaling and meditation, I’ve been incorporating regular acupressure and deep processing work (which I bumped up to every single day). It’s intense and revealing in mind-melding ways. But it’s also been really, deeply healing and clearing. The start of this work feels like eight lifetimes ago, but it’s only really been a couple of months. 😅

I’m also working out heavily, reading a lot more, listening to podcasts, writing regularly, and incorporating supplements and self-care practices all around.

5. Creating opportunities for divine downloads and guidance.

Being magnetic means being in the flow with my intuition and the universe.

That means being deeply in tune with my body and the energies at play around me. Staying open and attuned to the messages and nudges that come through. I’ve also been working more intentionally on running my energy and staying in my feminine, especially in my business (which has historically tapped into my masculine side far more frequently), and being more open and receptive to support.

Additionally, I’m asking for clear signs and guidance daily.

And when those signs and guidance come through, I act on them immediately, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. It requires a lot of trust in myself, my intuition, and the universe, as well as heaps of openness. Our ability to magnetize what we desire is directly proportional to how strong our trust muscle is when it comes to intuition, divine downloads, and universal guidance.

Asking for and listening to the signs is one way I’m actively building that muscle.

6. Living my joy like it’s my job.

I’ve talked about this a bunch because that’s a big focus this year.

When we’re in gratitude and joy, we’re our most magnetic—feeling true love and appreciation for our life and everything in it. That allows us to attract, call in, and align with our right people and things with more ease and speed

If it doesn’t bring me joy, I’m not interested in it anymore.

Yes, there are certain life maintenance things that don’t fall into this line of thinking. But there are a lot of things that do. From relationships to the type of work I do to where and how I spend my time, I’m not interested if it doesn’t bring me joy.

As someone whose winning strategy centered around being everything to everyone else, this feels totally radical at times. I mean, who am I to center my life around pleasure and joy?! But I’m learning that the answer to that question is that I’m a worthy and deserving human who doesn’t have to be miserable so that other people can be more comfortable or content with how I fit into their life or work. I’m here, and I matter too! My joy matters! I’m worthy and deserving of so much joy! Claiming and living this truth makes us unbelievably magnetic.

Becoming magnetic is a methodical practice of further untangling from any and all limiting beliefs and core wounding.

It’s proclaiming loudly to the universe that I know I matter and that I’m worthy and deserving of the things I desire.

We can’t become magnetic if we’re not doing this deeper healing work.

It’s just not possible.

And that deeper healing work centers around unpacking our winning strategies, subconscious programming, core wounding, and habitual ways of being in the world. It’s not a one-and-done thing. It’s an ongoing process of digging deeper than we ever have before.

Heck, I’ve been doing this work for almost two decades, and I’m presently going deeper than I ever have before. To know me is to know that’s saying a lot.

I’m really excited to begin incorporating much of what I’m learning into the conversation here on the blog and in my greater body of work.

It’s truly magical and empowering stuff.

If you’re ready to start dipping your toe in, grab my brand new FREE workbook below that’s designed to help you begin unpacking some of these core things!

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