The Initiation That’s Changed Everything

June 14, 2022

Last year was the most important of my life.

It started with a breakup.

With a willingness to trust my heart and body after they’d screamed for months, “we don’t belong here anymore.”

But it was more than just the relationship I didn’t belong in. I didn’t belong in Colorado, in a house or apartment, working on those projects, or talking about those things. I didn’t belong anywhere anymore, and the truth of that reverberated through every bone in my body.

I’d become so disconnected that I couldn’t make myself at home in any aspect of my life, and it felt like I’d gone as far as I could. Life and business stalled, everything seemed stagnate, and I felt adrift.

After that breakup, I was confronted repeatedly with the choice to sink into this profound and potent work. Life nudged me gently (and sometimes violently) in the direction of healing and growth, asked me to pass the most challenging tests I’ve ever known and to trust in the face of what felt like my greatest fears coming to fruition. I was given opportunity upon opportunity to release every last bit of lingering trauma, unresolved grief, stored emotion, and low self-worth.

The more I chose to do this work, the more life led me.

The more I processed and emoted all that was old, stored, and weighing me down, the lighter I began to feel, and the more life began to flow.

The more I allowed myself to crack open and come undone in ways I’m not sure I could describe, the more resilient and steady I became.

The more I was willing to release what no longer felt aligned, the more I received, downloaded, and expanded into across the board.

The more I trusted myself and my inner knowing and made choices that felt like me, the happier, healthier, and more alive I became.

This last year felt like an initiation that’s changed everything.

And while there’s so much work to do now to align myself, my life, and my business, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time to share everything I’ve learned, alchemized, downloaded, and channeled.

Well, that time is now. 🥳

After the most lovely, expansive, beautiful weekend (and a big decision that’s stretching me!), a download dropped in.

Five workshops.

Five conversations about what it takes to become magnetic, experience true freedom, make the impossible happen regardless of circumstance, and leave behind anything and everything holding us back.

Five experiences to initiate you into this work and expand you on a level you’ve never experienced before.

We start next week on the solstice…

Click here to learn more.

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