Listen the First Time

June 11, 2022

Listen the first time.

The first time your intuition says no, the first time divine guidance nudges you, or the first time someone tells/shows you who they are.

Listen, and act accordingly.

Act quickly and boldly based on what you hear. Don’t overthink it, weigh the pros and cons, or get other people’s opinions. Trust yourself enough to take risks and navigate anything that unfolds afterward. Trust yourself to discern what’s an inner knowing and what’s intellectual or ego.

And if you don’t trust yourself and your intuition, do the work to build that muscle.

It changes everything.

Knowing what I know now, standing on the other side of such immense growth and healing, I wish I’d have listened the first time.

I wish I’d have ended the relationship sooner.

I wish I’d have trusted those inner no’s, somatic resistances, and simple truths.

I wish I’d have done all the things divine guidance gently nudged me toward the first moment that I had the chance because that’s how we collapse time.

That’s how we make quantum leaps and rapidly transform our reality regardless of circumstance.

It’s all good, though.

Now I know.

Now I see and live the fruits of those lessons.

Now I can stay open and receptive, surrendered to life and all its wisdom and guidance, and I can continue to practice responding to what I hear with quick, bold actions. I can continue deepening my trust—in myself, in my intuition, in the frequency-based universe that actively responds to *me*.

It’s a magical experience, but it’s not magic.

It’s divine and inspired, but it’s not woo-woo.

It’s simply understanding energetics and the power generated from our way of being.

I love this work so much.

I love this life it’s allowing me to create.

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