You Can’t Go All in if You’re Not All Here

June 9, 2022

True transformation requires going all in.

But you can’t go all in if you’re not all here.

You can’t create an incredible life right now when parts of you are lingering in the past, reminiscing and idealizing, rehashing and beating yourself up, or walking around with unresolved grief and unprocessed emotions.

You can’t attract amazing relationships, experiences, and opportunities when you’re constantly numbing out, avoiding what’s hard and uncomfortable, or getting distracted and pulled off course by everything else.

You can’t become undeniably magnetic to the things you deeply desire when your brain constantly blurs the lines between time due to stored traumas and triggers that spin you out. When even the most minor thing throws you off your game and yanks you out of this present moment.

Incremental change is all that’s accessible if you’re not doing the deeper work, if you’re simply intellectualizing your healing and growth or bypassing what’s hard with “good vibes only” and polished positivity.

True, lasting transformation isn’t accessible if you’re not here now, living in this moment and the next. And while incremental change moves you forward at levels that are worthy of celebration, it will also continue to keep your biggest, deepest, soul-level desires forever out of reach.

You can’t bypass the uncomfortable aspects of this work and expect to create seemingly impossible outcomes overnight and with ease. You can’t continually put off the challenging actions and terrifying emotions and expect to actualize your full potential in all the ways that matter. You can’t stay stuck in the past and expect to create a beautiful life in the now. You will always be limited. You will always be weighed down to some degree.

What needs to happen for you to be all here?

What needs to be processed and released?

What needs to be faced and felt?

And how will you start today?

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