Commitments That Force Me to Do What I Say Is Important

June 7, 2022

I’ve been making commitments that force me to do what I say is important to me.

Commitments that require me to hold myself to the higher standards I know are crucial for reaching all my big goals.

Commitments that ask me to stretch so far outside my comfort zone, so quickly, that every fear, limiting belief, and subconscious strategy for staying small rises up, allowing me to detox and process them out of my system.

I know that to go to this next level I see for myself, my business, and my life, I must embody my work more fully and fiercely than ever, and I’m committing as boldly and intentionally to that as I can—despite my fear.

Growth is terrifying, even when we want it.

Even when the desire for what we envision burns so hot, we can feel it igniting our very soul.

That’s because our core wounds and winning strategies have been running the show our entire lives. They’ve shaped our worldview so effectively that we don’t even realize they’re in control. We think we’re making conscious choices as we move through life, but we’re not actually choosing things cleanly and clearly if we’re not aware of those pieces and how subtle and sneaky they can be.

And because of them, we often can’t move beyond the paralyzing fear, leading us to stop, stall, or self-sabotage repeatedly.

I know myself.

I know my subconscious’ favorite strategies and how it gets me to stop.

I know how to step outside my programming and the limits of my personality to create entirely different outcomes.

I know how my energetics work best.

These are the keys to true freedom and rapid transformation.

Not incremental changes over a long, drawn-out period, but true, rapid transformation. This is where the impossible becomes possible.

But we have to choose it.

And we have to commit to that choice like we never have before, despite the debilitating fear and doubt.

I can’t wait to share what I’m doing and building and creating and bringing to life.

It’s going to be sooooo good!

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