Trust Yourself and Your Process

March 29, 2020

I’ve learned I don’t always have to know the answers or have a sense of what comes next. I trust myself and my process. I know that if I give certain parts of me time and space, I’ll unearth a more profound sense of direction in its right time.

And after two weeks of feeling shell-shocked by the world happenings and their rapid ripple effects, this morning I feel the first bits of clarity. Clarity and answers to the questions I keep asking myself and my heart.

Who do I want to be through this? ⁣
And who do I want to be in the aftermath?

We don’t know where this is going — and we don’t know how the world will look after — but I, for one, feel this is a time ripe with opportunities.

Opportunities to root more deeply into our purpose as individuals: who we’re here to be and the work we’re here to do.

Opportunities to get clear on our values and reset the ways of being that haven’t been aligned with what’s most important to us.

Opportunities to pivot in ways our hearts have always deeply desired, but our sense of safety and security have never allowed.

Purpose is everything, friends.⁣
Purpose of self, in our lives, and with our work.

Purpose gives us direction when everything seems uncertain and unknown. Purpose prompts us to show up more fully when discomfort tries to keep us small. Purpose pulls us through our fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs. It drives us to actualize our full potential.

Purpose can be big, like creating something that changes the world and the lives of many. It can also be seemingly small and insignificant… like setting the intention to answer two simple questions and then acting in full alignment with the answers when they come.

Who do you want to be through this?⁣
And who do you want to be in the aftermath?

I’m excited to share all that wants to come through me on this very topic.

Stay tuned, and join the our Call of the Void® Facebook group too. Lots will be happening in there in the coming weeks.


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