Revisiting My Business Vision

March 26, 2020

I’m revisiting my business vision from a few years ago tonight. I see this turbulent time as an opportunity to step more deeply into my purpose work and lay an even more aligned foundation for the future.

Not in a rushed or urgent ”I have to do all the things now” kind of way. Instead, in an ”everything changed and is continuing to change rather rapidly, and there couldn’t be a better time to get clear on where I want to put my energy” kind of way.

I truly believe that when we feel our most lost, broken, and beaten down, we’re closest to everything we desire. Millimeters from all the things we work so hard to experience yet can never quite cultivate.

But only if we’re willing and able to release our grip. To let go of what was and create space for what’s meant to come next.

All endings lead to new beginnings.⁣
All goodbyes lead to new hellos.⁣
All death leads to some form of rebirth.⁣
All darkness must eventually meet light.

None of it happens overnight, nor is it the least bit easy… but growth inside the destruction and dismantling of everything known and familiar is always an option.

We just have to choose it.

We have to choose to see every experience as an opportunity to be shaped even more fully into who we’re here to be so that we can step more deeply into the work we’re here to do.

Purpose and contribution matter more now than ever before.

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