What Is True Belonging?

October 28, 2019

People fight so hard to belong to places and spaces outside themselves, because we’re never taught true belonging.

True belonging isn’t about the people who choose us, the communities we’re invited to be a part of, or the titles and roles we hold… it’s not even about the families we’re born into… it’s about belonging to ourselves. Knowing who we are and what we’re here to do. Having our own back and taking a stand for what feels right and true to us.

When you belong to YOU, you’re always at home.⁣
You’re always content and comfortable, loved and secure.

Even in the face of rejection, isolation, redirection, or abandonment, you know you’re okay and that you always will be. You know you’re loved and lovable. You know you have value and that your worth isn’t on the table for anyone else to name, claim, or take away. You know that your contribution matters immensely… simply because it matters to you and your heart.

Belonging isn’t about finding your place or fitting in… it’s about showing up fully and completely as WHO YOU ARE. No apologies. No polished facades. No bending, folding, or trying to fit.

Just you.⁣

Exactly as you are.

What does it mean to belong to yourself?

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